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The Learning Trek curates peer-reviewed articles about learning technologies (edtech), advancements in learning theory and research in adult education.


Dr Richard Stejer

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My career in adult education is built on experience in Management Consulting and Lecturing in Project Management and Organisational Learning.


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Motivation, initiative, accountability, trust – the challenges that leaders often speak about.  Less often do we hear about a practical competency framework for leadership. Too many of us mistakenly believe...
Epiphanies, our ‘ah ha’ inspirations, often spring to mind as we listen to the triumphs and tribulations of successful people.  Fortunately for me this week, I had a chance to listen. ...
I’ve learned something new about L&D Strategy that I want to share with everyone.  The Learning Cafe is ‘must link’ site for all L&D managers and education enthusiasts.  Its producer (Jeevan...
Developing individual leaders and leadership processes is not as easy as modelling leader personalities or learning new behaviours.  Adults learn best from the experiences delegated to them.  Surprisingly few organisations...
Research reveals that a manager’s interpersonal skills, empathy, and emotional intelligence are important for managing project complexity.  To prove the point, researchers set out to discover: “How does project complexity influence the relationship...