The L&D Watch List of learner behaviour, learning for free, informal learning, technologies or fads, and talent expectations. An interesting year ahead!

Ever feel overwhelmed with the acronyms, rhetoric and general buzz about Learning and Development?  Rushed into the newsfeeds are the latest innovations in Artificial Intelligence (AI), Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR), the Internet of Things (IOR) and gamification just to name a few.  Treion Muller highlights the important L&D the reality checks for 2018.

What to Watch in L&D this Year

Let’s condense the reality checks into a concise list of the top 6 reality checks for 2018.

1. Human behaviour has changed

Learners are seeking answers to questions using technologies that not exist 10 years ago or have increased in sophisticated.  Recall the last time you searched for information.  Did you rely on a trusted colleague or on Google?

2. Learning content that can be free, is free!

The 2 key differentiators between free online learning and formal paid L&D solutions are the quality of learning content and the student experience.  Rewards are earned from the right keys.

3. Subject matter expertise has shifted from teachers to learning communities

The ‘instructor-led top-down’ approach to learning is gradually being displaced by synergistic communities of self-directed learners.  Ever watch YouTube for highly informative videos on topics ranging from home repairs to astrophysics?

4. Learning occurs informally everywhere

Mobile technologies create impatient learners.  They expect to learn what, when and where they want to learn – and do so independently.  Content that once was learned formally is now being reinforced or completely replaced by mobile learning.

5. Innovation can blur the distinction between useful technologies and fads

Beware of shiny objects that vendors hope will help then stand-out from the crowd.  Instead ask, is the crowd likely to use the technology for learning – or entertainment?

6. Talented individuals seek interesting workplaces.

Companies who refuse to innovate digitally will likely bore their talent and eventually lose them.

What next?

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